Testimonials, Letters, and Recommendations

  Jean Smith
Walhalla, SC

I am writing to you about a praise report. My bowels are working good, praise the Lord! Thanks for the prayers. Also when I went to the Skin & Cancer Center, I got a good report. The Lord has been good to me!
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Dorothy Graves of Westmoreland TN.
Faith Pentecostal Assembly, in Adolphus, KY.

Dorothy Graves had cancer in the stomach for 4 years. Her doctor had told her there was nothing more that could be done for her. Dorothy had already made funeral arrangements for herself. She had no money or insurance for more treatment, even if the doctor had recommended it. Dorothy's husband, her Pastor Betty Fishburn, and her church family were praying for a miracle.
Last year, in April 2010, Don & Doris Carver were ministering at the church Dorothy Graves attended, -Faith Pentecostal Assembly in Adolphus KY. During the altar work, Don took Dorothy by the hand and said "God wants to do something for you." Dorothy now testifies that at that moment she felt like there was a concrete block on her stomach. She now excitedly tells about her miracle. She was HEALED!

Pastor Betty Fishburn

Posted on Facebook by Sharla Harrison

While you were at Rivers of Life we had 3 salvations, 4 filled with the Holy Ghost with evidence of tongues, 5 healings, and many who had their eyes opened and set free from former teachings. I love how you carry the Holy Ghost with you ... We are looking forward to your return.

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San Pedro Sula, March 21, 2011
Pastor Harry Lone

This letter is to inform you about the visit of Evangelist Donald and Doris Caver, to our country. During their stay, they visited many churches in the area, some of them are: First Assembly Bethel, New Jerusalem, Green Olive, Mount Sinai, Ark of the Covenant, Ark of Salvation, Crowd Ministry, Springs of Life Church, Church of Brotherhood. They also ministered at a school by the name Heliodoro Rafael Valle, held an outdoor crusade in Lopez Arrellano a subdivision out of the city of San Pedro Sula.
They also visited several times a center for young girls that have been abused. Throughout the ministry of brother and sister Carver miracles, signs, healings, diverances and most of all salvation flowed like rivers of living water in all places where they went. About 90 people received Christ as Savior, for the glory of God!
We give glory to God for having allowed brother and sister Carver visited us and blessed us with their ministry. We acknowledge the powerful anointing that God has placed upon them and pray that the Lord continue to use them in a mighty way. Our prayers also for those that are faithful to support this ministry making a mission trip like this possible.
The churches of the Northern District of assemblies of God, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, thank you for these great blessings that brought us. Receive greetings from Pastor snd Presbyter Marvin Tejad, Cristian Montes your translator and I personally Harry R. Lone, I feel very honoed by God for allowing me to work with my Pastor to the ministry of brother and sister Carver.
We will be looking forward to a future visit. With open arms we will be waiting for your in Honduras. The doors are open and our hearts are too.

We Love You,
Harry Lone

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Pastor Marvin R. Tejada
New Jerusalem Church
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras

Our church is the New Jerusalem Church of the Assemblies of God in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. We are extremely grateful to our Lord, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the manifestation of the rivers of glory that occurred in our Church, by the visit of the brothers Don and Doris Carver on March 26 and 29.
God brought an amazing revival in our church through the ministry of Brothers Carver, signs, wonders and miracles of the Holy Spirit were evident on this visit evangelistic and prophetic, the sick are healed, the oppressed were freed by Name of the Lord Jesus Christ) Acts 5:12 And the hand of the apostles were many signs and wonders among the people, and all were unanimous in the portico of Solomon.), and the wonders of the kingdom of heaven has been given many souls a different way of living.
Bendicmos our Lord God Almighty, by the Ministry of Brothers Carver, and unleashed blessings upon blessings upon them, believe and confess that our God will continue to use large and powerful for the aggrandizement of the Kingdom of Heaven.
God bless them continue
Pastor Marvin R. Tejada.

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George Rennau, Senior Pastor
Grace Assembly of God
Parker, AZ

I recommend the ministry of Don Carver to your church for revival services. Brother Carver has a prophetic style of ministry and his preaching is solidly based upon the word.
Over the last three years Don and his wife, Doris have held meetings with us at Grace Assembly and we have seen good results. People have been healed, saved, and delivered by the Lord’s hand through their ministry.
If you have a desire for faith-filled, encouraging preaching and uncompromised Holy Ghost altar service, then Don Carver is the right man for the job.

Sincerely George Rennau
Senior Pastor
Grace Assembly of God