Maranatha River Glory Ministries
April - June 2018
Volume Issue 1
Greeting & News

Dear Friends,
Christian Greeting!

As we enter into the beautiful season of Spring, we are giving you some updates of ministry that have already happened in 2018.

We were in San Pedro Sula, Honduras from March 13- 27. This was our 14th time being there. We believe it was one of the most powerful mission trips yet. There was a sovereign move in all of the services. To God be all the glory! The Presbyter, Marvin Tejada, is going to send us a letter of the reports from the 16 services we had around San Pedro Sula. As of now, this is what we know of that happened...

There were 60 for salvation and many rededicated and renewed their relationships with the Lord. There were testimonies of healings. All of the pastors were encouraged and helped. They want us to come back for a longer period of time. The presbyter said he would like us to come and hold "campaigns" in the states... we call them "revivals".

We also had great favor with the youth and children. Many were slain under the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a great honor to have a fifteen-year-old boy, Isaac Cedillos Raul Vargas, Alicia G. Vargas, and Kristen Maldonado to translate for us. They were very anointed and used of God... with that being said, the ministry flowed, equipping us to have a greater altar service.

My wife Doris and I are loved by the people of Honduras. God gave us favor with those who worked with us. We appreciate all of the pastors, the churches, and their people who worked together in ministry fulfilling what was needed to be done. We were invited to a couple of homes. They really showed their appreciation for us. It makes us very thankful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has given us favor with the Hispanic churches. It is certainly a call from God, not only to Honduras, but also around Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. We appreciate them having us in their churches as well. We are believing to go in November after the mission work in New Mexico and Arizona with the Native Americans. Doris and I are very thankful of how the Lord networks us together with the Hispanic and Native American people.

As of now, we are preparing for the trip to North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio for revivals. We are expecting and believing God for a great harvest for the unsaved, healings, and meeting the needs of the people. We request prayer as we travel across America, going into our 44th year.

We have had some repairs done on the motor home- the furnace, antenna, ladder and some other things are fixed. We are having new cushions done for the booth. Of course the "Four Winds" is only eighteen years old, and things do wear out and need to be replaced. We are still praying for a new one, debt free! The God we serve is faithful!

Thanks to all of you who pray and stand with us with your financial support. It enables and makes it possible for us to continue in the ministry God has given to us.

Our family is doing well. Carissa just celebrated her 20th birthday. She is very involved in church and college. She is a beautiful young lady. Eli dreams of making it big in sports. He practices basketball every evening. He loves to eat. Alec is very involved in band and loves music. He helps with the sound control at church. He is very tall and stays hungry all the time. He loves to eat but doesn't seem to gain an ounce. Tabitha and Mickey continue to lead worship at the Corner of Hope. Tabitha is full time mom to 2 teenage boys and a twenty year old daughter. There is never a dull moment. Mickey works at UPS and stays busy at being a good father and husband.

We pray as we enter into this season of Spring, that God will lead us into and through the seasons of our lives and that He will be exalted.

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for Doris... for her knee. She was able to make the trip to Honduras, to all of the meetings, and back home. And now, getting ready to go again! We believe that "suddenly" healing is there.

We are praying God's best to all of you as you continue in life... healings, needs being met, and strength for the journey.

The blessings of the Lord be in you and surround you!
-Don & Doris Carver

Love and peace to you!

Don & Doris Carver
Mother's Day  ......May 13th
Memorial Day  ...... May 28
Father's day  .... June 17